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How can I remove my link from the directory?

If for some reason (for example if your company will stop operating) you want your Website to be removed from the Web site directory please use the Remove link form by clicking here. Please use an e-mail listed on your Website to contact us for removing a Website. This way it will be easier for us to cross-check your request and then remove the Website.

How can my Website appear as a Featured Website?

Only 3 Websites in every category can be listed as Featured Websites. These Websites will not only get a link but a Title and some explanatory text that will provide more information to users and enhance their link. Of course these Websites will be listed first in our results. Please use our contact form by clicking here to tell us that you want your Website to be listed as a Featured Website. We will then send you all the information on how you can be listed in the Featured Websites section of every category.

How can I submit my Holiday offer/deal?

If you are a company in the Holiday industry and want to promote a Holiday offer such as a discount or a special price you can submit it to our Holiday offers section by using our Offer submission form here. Our Website promotes resources (Web pages) on the Internet so your offer must be listed on a Web page on the Internet (preferably on your company Website). We will include your offer as the Title and a link to the Web page that you provide. If you are ready to list your Holiday offer please use our Holiday offer listing page by clicking here.

How can I submit my Event?

If you are an event organizer, a club, a bar or just someone organizing an event on Kefalonia, you can submit it to our Web site by clicking on our Event submission form here. Our Website is a Website directory so keep in mind that we actually list your Event page including some text to explain what the event is and where it is held. To list your Event use our Event listing page and click here. your Event will also be listed on all our Social Media accounts.

How can I submit my Website?

If you are the owner of a Website and you want to submit it to the Kefalonian Website Directory please use our Website submission form by clicking here. Fill in all the form fields and submit all required data. We will then check the information and list your Website within 7 days of submission. We will also send you an e-mail to confirm the listing. Your Website will also be listed on all our Social Media accounts.

Are listings really FREE?

Yes. You can list your Website on kefalonia.net.gr for FREE. We guarantee that all listings will continue to be free as long as the Website is on the Internet in its current form. We are online since 2002 making us virtually the first Kefalonian portal. Of course we reserve the right not to include Websites that do not abide to our standards.

What’s different in Featured Websites listings?

Featured listings are presented first on every Holiday category page and include some extra features such as larger presentation space, a Title, explanatory text and some extra fields such as location.

Do inbound links affect my positioning on search engines?

Inbound links play a major role on Website positioning for relevant keywords. Links from Websites that are themselves regarded relevant for those keywords are even more significant. This Website aims to provide significant links to all Kefalonian Websites so they can gain positions on search engines thus helping them to gain visitors. Find out more on this on Hubspot’s Blog.

Why should I get listed on the Kefalonia Website directory?

There are many important reasons to get listed on a Directory Website. The most prominent reason is to gain an inbound link to your Website. The number of significant inbound links to a Website is a major factor in search engine ranking algorithms. All Search Engine Optimization techniques consider inbound links as a major factor in search engine rankings. Except for search engine rankings your Website will gain visitors directly from kefalonia.net.gr making it an invaluable tool for every Kefalonian Website. Find more information on inbound links, SEO and more by visiting Hubspot’s Blog.